Facebook received almost 250,000 CV’s in 2010.

Facebook has been hiring at a steady clip, but the number of applications per job opening numbers in the hundreds. The company received almost 250,000 resumes in 2010.

Of course, that’s to be expected, given that Facebook is considered one of the best places to work. And with membership around 600 million, it stands to reason that many users would click over to Facebook’s careers site to find out how to become a part of it all.

But having to sift through nearly 250,000 applications is no small task, which may explain why recruiting managers recently told Universum that Facebook is a very demanding employer.

Not surprisingly, the recruiting managers said that successful applicants need to have enthusiasm for everything Facebook stands for and be able to communicate that in any situation. Knowing someone who already works there can help, but doesn’t make or break an application. Top contenders also show that they can make an impact on the organization while working in an office without boundaries. But no matter how skilled the applicant, getting hired out of so many contenders for every spot ought to many any hire feel grateful for the opportunity.

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