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What’s the Masters? The US Masters is a four-day golf tournament which takes place at the famous Augusta National course in Georgia, USA. It is one of the sport’s four “Major” tournaments – the others being the US Open, the USPGA and the British Open. It is always the first to be held in the annual golfing calendar and, therefore, there’s quite a bit of buzz as it’s the first time that most of the sport’s big names come together at the same event.

Why is it such a big deal? Ask any golf fan and they will tell you that the Masters is more than a tournament. It has so much history and tradition behind it that one cannot help but be amazed. Add in the fact that it is hosted at Augusta National, the most famous (and possibly the most beautiful – check out those azalea-lined fairways) golf course in the world and you begin to get some sense of why the Masters is golf’s biggest Major.

What does the winner get? A cool $1,350,000 – but believe it or not, at Augusta, the money’s not the important part.
The winner also gets to wear the famous green jacket, which has traditionally been presented since 1949. Winners get to keep the jacket for the first year after their Masters victory, but thereafter it is returned to the golf club and can only be worn on course grounds.

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