Could You Do a Better Job Than Your Boss?

Results from a recent poll.

Of 3,032 U.S. respondents, 69.23 percent think they could outperform their boss (and more than half of those respondents would describe their boss as “incompetent”). And less than 12 percent think of their boss as “brilliant.”

It seems there are fewer incompetent bosses in Canada (35.6 percent) and more brilliant ones (13.5 percent); overall, 66.4 percent of Canadian respondents said they could do a better job. European bosses fared just slightly better and slightly worse than that: 34.5 percent of respondents said they had an incompetent boss, but 12.6 percent said they had a brilliant boss.

The results from our Asian Monster sites including Malaysia, Singapore, and India were slightly more flattering to bosses: 28.8 percent said they had an incompetent boss, 61.3 percent said they could do a better job, and a relatively whopping 18.4 percent claimed to have a brilliant boss. It seems that we can safely say that perceptions of boss incompetence are universal. Of course, to be fair to bosses, we should also note that other people’s jobs always look easier from the outside — and half of the responsibility for the boss-employee relationship is the employee’s. For tips, read “What to Do If Your Boss Is Incompetent.”

What’s your boss like, and how do you cope with him or her? Let us know in the Comments section, or find us on Twitter or Facebook and be in touch.

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