30,000 new jobs on 38 Queensland developments

bowen basinMore than 30,000 new jobs are anticipated over the next six years to support 38 projects slated for development in the Bowen Basin in Queensland. The 38 new developments consist of 23 new coal mines and 12 coal seam gas projects as well as three mineral projects, in total generating more than five billion tonnes of resources over the next two decades. Whilst 10,000 jobs have been directly identified with the mining industry, the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN) anticipates an additional two jobs for every one created.

Coal projects include BMA’s Caval Ridge coal mine, QCoal’s Byerwen coal mine, Macarthur Coal’s Codrilla mine and Hancock Prospecting’s Alpha Coal mine.  Coal seam gas projects include Australia Pacific LNG and Gladstone LNG.

MAIN has rightly identified the need to urgently address infrastructure and skills issues in regional areas of Queensland. The Resource Channel is currently running a poll on whether or not Fly In, Fly Out from Brisbane to Queensland sites is supported as an alternative to residential arrangements


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