Questions to ask at Interview

How frustrating when, at the end of interview, you get an opportunity to ask questions and you can’t think of anything! This happens to many candidates – Interviews are stressful situations, they can be emotionally draining and mentally challenging. So at the end of it, interview fatigue might set in and your normally sharp and inquisitive brain can freeze up when you are put on the spot.

This is an important moment in the interview, where you get to show serious interest and initiative. You can also gain critical information about the job, organisation, supervisor and colleagues by asking good questions, whilst also demonstrating your knowledge and research. Of course, don’t ask obvious questions!

Here are a few examples of things to ask – But remember, if the issue was already discussed don’t repeat the question! Take a few sample questions into the interview with you on a note pad to help you along.

What are the most important characteristics someone in this position should have?
What attracted you (The interviewer) to your current role or organisation?
What do you enjoy most in your job?
What do you expect from your staff?
What is your management style?
How would you characterise the management philosophy of the organisation?
What are the current strengths and weaknesses of the staff that would report to me?
How has the organisation changed in the recent past, and where does it expect to go in the future?
What is the top priority of the person that accepts this job? How would this be measured?
What opportunities are available for professional development?
Why are you hiring for this position?
What are the next steps in the selection process?
What is the timeline for hiring?
When can I expect to hear from you?


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