Job Interview Research

research interview Preparing for an interview? Need to impress your boss? Want to improve your lot in your career? Here are points to research, know and use accordingly. You don’t need to look far, but taking the time to consider these four points about a company you may want to work for will serve you well.

The Company’s Goal:  What is the company’s stated reason for being?  What do they need to accomplish and when?

1. What problem does the company’s products or services solve? This may have been easier to answer before the Internet and some of the social solutions we see today. But hey, Twitter gets the word out to followers fast and in many instances that can serve a purpose. Knowing this can help compare the company and industry to other opportunities you may consider.

2. What is the value of solving the problem? In other words, what audience is willing to pay for the products and services and if so how much and for how long? It doesn’t take a marketing whiz to Google and find the data or at the very least ask a few knowledgeable people and take your own swag. And, at the end of the day can help quantify the value of the opportunity.

3. What makes the company’s offerings unique? Compare to competitors own words, research analysts in the market and find out if the opportunity stands with the company or if you should set your sites on another.

4. Does the company have a defined culture known and accepted by the employee base? Almost all companies have grand statements describing their culture – great. Now call into the company or hang out at a lunch spot close by and question any employee about the company in question. If you ask three separate employees and get three different answers, you can bet the company is all talk. Or as we say in Texas, all hat and no cattle. Find the company where the culture is known by all and the prouder the employees recite and describe the culture obviously the better.

We all research a company before an interview or a chance at a promotion, and, a jobs and career community, is a great place to get opinions and insight from current and past employees. If you want to know more, show that you’ve done some research and have data that can help make the right decision.


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