72% of Irish workers prefer to work for a female boss

Speaking of the findings, Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said: “In a male dominated world, Irish employees prefer female bosses. Their instinctive ability to manage both fairly yet firmly can be an asset to both the employee and the company.”

“Whilst remaining professional, females are generally aware of how to be compassionate and adapt to treat each and every situation. These traits sell themselves to staff that then feel more comfortable with their boss. “Respondents of the survey felt that male bosses can often run the risk of becoming blinkered by chasing the end goal and getting distracted from considering their treatment of employees. This may lead to demotivating their team and affect their productivity.”

Mr Price added: “Despite the fact that the number of females in high powered jobs is fewer than that of males it is not a reflection of their ability to manage or cope with the responsibility associated with being the head of an organisation. “The old-fashioned idea of women’s inability to compete alongside men within the business world in order to lead firms to success is still clear today. “This prejudice towards female employees can often encourage determination to thrive and out-do their male colleagues in order to prove themselves. This enthusiasm to succeed can rub off on to staff and filter through in the form of more productive work.”

Mr Price said the research also revealed how the assumption that male bosses are often preferred by staff, is not necessarily the case. As a result, he said the “common hesitation” towards female management needs to be re-evaluated and their benefit to organisations should be greater appreciated.


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