457 Visa Australia

457 Visa

Working with both individuals and corporate clients, JobContax has extensive experience dealing with the 457 visa. Our Australian partners are able to use their local knowlegde, offering fast and friendly services tailored specifically to your needs. Relocation is a big step and is important to get right first time, every time. You need expert advice and support throughout your case – from applying for the 457 visa to employer sponsorship requirements. JobContax can do it all. The Subclass 457 Visa program allows employers to sponsor overseas workers, enabling them to work in Australia on a temporary basis. It is designed for people who initially wish to work for up to 4 years in Australia. The visa is the most commonly used program for employers to sponsor overseas workers in Australia. This program allows applicants to work for up to four years for a sponsoring employer and is restricted to people seeking to be employed in skilled occupations.


The Subclass 457 visa allows for individuals to work in Australia for a period of between one day and four years. This is one of the more flexible types of Australia visas.


An employer must be approved as an eligible sponsor before an Australian 457 visa is granted. To achieve approval, an employer must meet a range of criteria set by the Australian Government. Requirements include a demonstrated commitment to employing local labour and a commitment to the training of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Employees must be sponsored by an eligible employer to fill a nominated position. A full listing of eligible nominated occupations can be found in the Employer Nomination Scheme List. Employees must have skills, qualifications, experience and an employment background which match those required for the position, as well as demonstrated English language proficiency. Certain character and health requirements must also be met.

Applying for a 457 visa

There are three stages in the processing of the 457 visa: sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

Before individuals can apply for a 457 visa, they must first ensure the sponsoring employer is an approved sponsor. All of JobContax’s Australian partners are approved ECPM contarctors.

Employers must submit an application to be a sponsor and are required to meet all eligibility requirements.

The employer must then nominate the position to be filled, along with details of the skills required for the position, the rate of pay and the name of the prospective overseas employee.

The employee then applies for a visa to work in Australia. To lodge a visa application the sponsorship and nomination must have been lodged with or prior to the visa application.

JobContax have helped numerous numerous construction and engineering professionals through the process. Once the employer decides to sponsor someone, the process only takes a couple of months.

Be sure to check out JobContax’s current Australian 457 visa approved jobs.


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