The secrets to having a CV that is searchable and Optimized

CV Keywords

CVAs you all know when you apply to a job, your CV goes into a huge database, were the recruiter then searches based on skills and job titles. The problem is of course sometimes it is hard to know what words they will search on, and without these words in your resume someplace, you resume may not get pulled as being a fit for a position.

Well here are a few of the little secrets to help.  

1. look carefully at the job description, odds are the buzz words the recruiter will search on, will be listed in the job description someplace. Find them and ensure they are on your resume someplace and you will be fine.

2. Not only make sure your resume lists the words that you find based on the job description but ensure that it includes any other possible words. Due your research, use a thesaurus; use the internet to find out what words are being used to describe what you do. Now off course you cannot just put all these words on your resume, it will be very hard to find out how to do that, without being obvious, and making your resume to long and this leads to the third secret.

3. Once you have your list of buzz/search terms; type them on your resume, separating each with a comma. Type them at the top or at the bottom it does not matter. Now change the font to 1, and change the color to white. This will make all those word invisible to the human eye, but guess what the ATS(applicant tracking system), HRIS (Human Resources, information System), or whatever database they are using, will still be able to read them, and your resume will still be marked as having those buzz/search terms, and you will be looked at for the position. Search on this post for the word Bio, you will see it show up twice, bio but your eyes will only see one.

Remember once your CV is selected as having the right buzz words, the recruiter or whomever will read the resume to see what you have done and how it fits the job description, and in the end that is the idea.


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