Guide to Job Hunting: What Candidates want from Agencies

What Candidates want from Agencies

hanshakeSo what are job seekers looking for when they enter the recruitment market? If you can tick these boxes about your relationship with a recruitment consultant, it means you are having a positive experience!

1. Talking to someone who is knowledgeable about their background, their company, what their potential career path may be, and who can have an unbiased conversation about options that exist.

2. Entering an interview process that is transparent.

3. Getting courtesy and honesty, to the effect of, “What we have is ‘no’ for now, but not forever. We value your time and are sorry about the outcome.”

4. Having someone help them go through the online application process or be on hand and be knowledgeable about the system.

5. Getting advice and information on what they must do with their CV to improve their chances at getting the job

6. Having an honest conversation about objections to their history or past experience, and being allowed to counter.

7. Getting help on resigning and also being granted some flexibility on start dates if they have real plans to travel, have surgeries, or a need to keep a schedule of their former employer.

8. Being asked for feedback on the questions asked during the interview process or what they felt were high and low points of the interaction. THis helps objectivity in decision-making.

9. Having flexibility in the process and a chance for their questions to be answered versus being interrogated without any real dialogue about their concerns.

1o. Being treated with respect at every level regardless of whether they are the right candidate.


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