Browse LNG

Browse Basin LNG Project

browse basin mapIndustry  Oil & Gas (LNG)

Project value  Approximately $30 Billion

Project owner  Woodside

Project management  Woodside Energy Ltd (50%), BHP Billiton (North West Shelf) Pty Ltd, BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, Shell Developments Australia Pty Ltd

Construction Period  Mid 2012 for 5 years

Predicted employment numbers   Estimated to create in the region of 6000 new jobs through construction and 400 – 600 once operating

Project Status  On track to start Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) this year, 2011 to enable a Final Investment Decision by mid – 2012.  

Browse Basin Project Information

The Strategic Assessment Report and Supplementary Information recommending the project to continue was released to the public in December 2010. Public submissions to comment, closed on Monday 28th March 2011 therefore the project is now awaiting final approval by federal and WA environment ministers.

The Browse Basin situated 425km offshore north of Broome is comprised of the Torosa, Brecknock and Calliance gas fields. Together they have an estimated 34.6 trillion cubic feet of gas and 600 million barrels of condensate.

The Browse LNG project is being developed to be able to explore, develop, process and export these resources for national and international market use. This will include building offshore and onshore facilities. The Browse Basin is operated by Woodside Energy, however the project has multiple stakeholders. James Price Point will allow several companies to use one single site to process LNG and aims to minimise environmental impacts along the Kimberley coastline by reducing the duplication of infrastructure, which would be built if companies had individual facilities.

CPC Corporation of Taiwan, PetroChina and Powergas Singapore are all in negotiations with Woodside Energy to be customers from the LNG project upon completion. Woodside is still seeking two more customers to supply.

James Price Point has been selected as the site to build this LNG precinct after reviewing over 40 locations. The decision was based on environmental, social, technical and economic reasons and has included the State of Western Australia and the Kimberley Land Council.

There are current claims by environmental groups that the site assessment has not fully considered how ecologically unique and pristine James Price Point is and how a large industrial development is not suitable. However the Environmental Protection Authority has concluded that James Price Point is the most suitable site for the development of the LNG project. This is due to the size of the land area, the depth of the ocean to minimise additional dredging and its close proximity to Broome where infrastructure is already in place.

There are also concerns between the Kimberley Land Council and other native title claimants as to how the precinct will affect them and their land. In 2009 a Heads of Agreement was signed outlining $1.5billion worth of benefits to be delivered to the indigenous community through projects including education, training and business development.

Currently the project is awaiting final approval from the federal and environmental ministers prior to moving into the next stage of design and engineering development, before construction will begin.

Long term growth plans for the Kimberley and Broome region with the LNG industry are expected to benefit small businesses, indigenous employment, building and construction, travel and tourism and attract better education and training to the area through the requirement for skilled workers.

Due to the size of the project and its export capabilities once fully operational, this LNG precinct is expected to increase WA’s export income and overall positively impact Australia’s GDP.


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