Google Chrome gaining market share in Web Browser sector

Chrome set to Overtake Firefox

StatCounter has been tracking Chrome’s immense growth in 2011 and predicts Chrome will reach second place, above Firefox, in December of this year. Meanwhile, Chrome faces challenges thanks to a Microsoft glitch that’s deleting Chrome on users’ systems.


Browser Wars – Interent Explorer v Chrome v Firefox

Google Chrome started 2011 at an impressive 15.6 percent in global share, according to StatCounter.

In the last nine months, the share has grown to 23.6 percent – an 8 percent growth that cannibalized Firefox and IE, each of which lost 4 percent of global share, leaving Firefox at 26.8 percent and IE at 41.7 percent.

StatCounter predicts that, assuming trends continue, Chrome will be the second most popular browser by the end of December of this year.

As noted by Computer World, however, there are some alternate stats that put Chrome at a much lower position. Net Applications, for example, puts more weight on the Chinese market (according to some groups, much closer to the appropriate amount of weight) and shows IE retaining 55.3 percent compared to Firefox’s 22.6 percent and Chrome’s 15.5 percent.

Even in the case of Net Applications’ review, however, Chrome is growing while Firefox and IE are declining. Using the Net Applications forecast, Chrome can expect to pass Firefox by mid-2012.

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