Canada’s Oil and Gas industry to create 9,500 permanent jobs by 2015

oil sand jobs canada

There is a land of enormous potential, abundant energy jobs and wealth in Canada’s northern forests. Due to Alberta’s oil sands, energy companies are planning to invest $200billion (£128billion) in the next 10 years to develop the third-largest discovered reserves of crude oil on the planet.  Alberta’s oil sands are estimated to contain 1.7trillion barrels of oil and of that, 173billion barrels are recoverable with today’s extraction technologies. When completed, the oil sands’ processing facilities will produce up to 5million barrels of oil per day for the next 100 years.
According to a report released by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada last month, Canada’s oil and gas industry will need to fill a minimum of 9,500 permanent jobs by 2015.  By then, employment in Alberta’s oil sands sector alone is projected to increase by 29% over 2011 levels, or approximately 5,850 jobs.  The pipeline sector will add a further 530 new oil & gas jobs over the same period.

Alberta continues to experience the highest annual rate of employment growth in Canada, and URS Flint is currently seeking more than 2,000 qualified people for immediate employment.

URS Flint is a major oil sands construction company currently building large-scale extraction facilities for some of the largest energy companies in the world,  and it is well positioned to be a key service provider in this growing market in the years to come.

The company, part of the URS Corporation, is a leading single-source provider of project management, construction and maintenance for energy services across the upstream, midstream and downstream supply chain.

It serves every active oil and gas basin in north America, providing comprehensive resources and experience to complete the most complex oil and gas projects.

The company’s expertise encompasses conventional oil and gas activities and emerging unconventional plays – such as shales, tight oil and oil sands.  Its integrated services also include planning, environmental services, engineering, construction and construction management.



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