Why use a Specialist Mining Recruitment Agency

You may have weighed up all of your career options and decided that the time is right to consider your next move and possibly change jobs.  So what’s your next step? Once you’ve updated your mining CV/Resume and your LinkedIn Profile what’s the most effective route to finding the role that will be the closet match to your skills and qualifications?

There are various options available such as job boards, approaching companies directly or posting your CV on various job sites.  But your best choice is to work with a specialist mining recruitment agency that knows the industry, has an established network of contacts and is well positioned to give you first hand information on job opportunities in the global mining industry.

The Advantage of Using Specialist Mining Recruitment Agencies 

Vacancies that don’t make the job boards : Many mining companies simply don’t have the time to spend scouring websites or placing adverts to fill their vacancies. Added to that, with the current skills shortage, employers opt to use a professional mining recruitment agency who will give them access to the best available candidates. When a relationship is formed between a company’s HR department and a recruiter or a team of recriuters jobs are filled quickly and by a candidate within the recruiter’s network.

Inside information on the company’s you are interested in : The success of all recruiters is dependent on establishing strong relationships with the key players in their industry. They understanding the mining industry and the different issues affecting mining jobs, such as health and safety, environmental concerns and the impact of FIFO jobs on your lifestyle. They will also be able to advise you if you need additional training for a role you are interested in.

You maintain confidentiality : Placing your CV on a mining jobs website which may also be used by your employer to recruit for certain positions is always a risk. Working with a reputable mining recruitment agency guarantees confidentiality throughout the recruitment process.

Shortlists: If specific mining jobs are being handled exclusively by your recruiter you can be confident that your resume will be read by the employer. Even in the midst of a skills shortage, there are still numerous applicants applying for vacancies. Working with a specialist mining recruitment agency circumnavigates the process and increases your chances of securing an interview.

Interviews and Job Offers : The best mining recruiters will brief you fully on the position and provide you with advice on how best to handle the interview and what to expect in terms of company culture. Negotiations on salary and bonuses are also managed by the recruiter to enable you to discuss options open to you frankly and make an informed decision.

How to Use a Mining Recruiter Effectively

Define your ideal role : To enable the mining recruiters to match your skills and expertise with a company that closely meets your aspirations, take some time out to consider your aims and ambitions. Where do you want to be in five years’ time? Why do you want to leave your current role? What role would allow you to play to your strengths and develop your career?  

Be Clear on your skills and qualifications : Be prepared to summarise your key achievements and qualifications to grab the attention of mining recruiters. Study their website first to familiarize yourself with the types of vacancies they offer, such as geologists, mine operator jobs or mining maintenance roles.

Be Honest : Recruiters need to know everything about your career history, especially any gaps in employment. With most mining operations requiring a drug and alcohol free environment for health and safety reasons it is essential to be honest about any issues you may have had in the past. Don’t omit anything you feel may impact on your job application. It is also vital in establishing trust with your mining recruiter.

Communicate : Communication is key during your job search. While your recruiter will keep you updated on the progress of your application, it is essential you keep them updated on your availability for interview. If you are considering any other mining jobs independently, it is also vital to keep them informed; again it comes back to trust.

Listen to their feedback : Whether it’s feedback on potential career progession or on current mining salaries listen to your recruiter. They have hands-on specialist knowledge of the  mining industry and will be able to advise you on whether or not your expectations are realistic. If you’re not successful with the role you’ve applied for, good mining recruiters will provide you with detail feedback and advice on areas to improve on for next time.

Remember to refer to our previous blogs for advice on how to make your Mining CV stand out from the crowd and advice for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 

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