Queensland FIFO Sex Workers win Motel Legal battle


fifo prostituteA fly in fly out sex worker has won her appeal against motels refusing rooms to sex workers in Queensland mining regions.

The sex industry has long been a lucrative market in the male dominated mining communities, however for some time now the issue has created problems between those working offering the services and local accommodation venues, which were turning the sex workers away.

Earlier this year a sex worker in QLD’s mining regions claimed discrimination in the area was “disgusting” and forcing workers out of accommodation could push them into dangerous situations on the streets.

The woman, known only as “Karlaa” began her appeal in July after losing a discrimination case last year where she claimed $30,000 in damages for economic loss, humiliation, and stress. At the time the court ruled she had not been discriminated against as a sex worker but rather for her business. Now the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal have overturned the original decision, according to The Australian.

The win means that motels and hotels that refuse sex workers may now be in breach of anti-discrimination laws. Karlaa welcomed the decision, telling The Australian “at the end of the day, it’s not acceptable to discriminate against people. What I do might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s legal, and it’s how I make my living.

“Not everyone would choose to do the job I do, but it’s not right that they can treat me like a second-class citizen. They wanted me to go away, but I am a tenacious little terrier and I would not give up.”

Last year reports emerged that because of the rising wealth in mining regions fly-in fly-out sex workers in QLD were making more money in a day than miners did in a week. Sex workers have also been targeting mining workers in Western Australia, with some approaching workers at Perth Airport immediately after they return from the mines.


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