Construction and Engineering Job Opportunities in 2013

JobContax Jobs 2013

January is traditionally the time of year when we think about our careers and new opportunities.

JobContax is a leading global technical recruitment company which specializes in the Construction, Engineering, Mining, Oil & Gas, Biotech and Pharma sectors and currently has Jobs in Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Middle East and UK.

We recommend that you update your CV on and connect with JobContax on LinkedIn or Facebook to receive new jobs as they are published.

Apply Now and advance your career in 2013 with JobContax.

Jobs in Australia                         Construction Jobs                          Jobs By Job Title

Jobs in Canada                             Engineering Jobs                           Jobs By Location

Jobs in China                                Mining Jobs                                     Gorgon Project Jobs

Jobs in Middle East                     Oil and Gas Jobs                             Wheatstone LNG Jobs

Jobs in Ireland                              Biotechnology Jobs                       Register CV with JobContax

Jobs in UK                                      Pharmaceutical Jobs                    JobContax on LinkedIn


5 thoughts on “Construction and Engineering Job Opportunities in 2013

  1. I guess a filipino like me have no chance landing a job around europe or other western area particularly in the U.S.

  2. Hi, Please let me know the responsible email contact to forward my qualifications & all reference documents. I am currently outside Australia however I do have a valid residency and permit to work there and I am an experienced mechanical engineer with qualifications approved from Engineers Australia.

    Appreciate your support

  3. I have 11+ experience Designer 3D Piping and steel structure Modeler & 2D Designer
    in Refinery, Petrochemical,Chemical ,Onshore and offshore, projects
    Please consider my profile if you have a opprtiunitie
    . and send me your mail id or can contact if you really need outsource manpower,
    thanks and regards
    arfaoui karim

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