Biotech and Pharma Jobs in Ireland

Biotech and Pharma Jobs in Ireland

JobContax is Ireland’s leading Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency in Ireland – with offices in  Dublin and Galway, China – Shanghai and partnerships in Australia.

Contact Karen McHugh for more details on current vacancies


Phone: +353-1-7978720


Jobs in Ireland                          Jobs in China

Process Engineer – Dublin                                             Process Engineer – Shanghai

3D CAD Design – Dublin                                                  Engineering Mnager – Shanghai

MES / Automation Engineer – Dublin                         Project Manager – Shanghai

Process Engineer – Dublin                                              I&C Engineer – Shanghai

JobContax was founded in 2001 and has over 10 years specialist experience within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors. During this time JobContax has built up a global network of Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical contacts and partnerships.

JobContax is currently a major player in supplying talent to the Irish Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical market. JobContax also has a presence in the Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical sectors within Canada, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia and UK.

Why choose JobContax?

Proven track record of above industry average placement rate

Over 10 years specialist experience in the Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical Sector

All consultants possess a high-level of technical expertise in the Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical sectors

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JobContax – Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialists

When you are for a job in the Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical Sector, it makes sense to go to a specialist agency that focuses exclusively on the Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical Sector.

The JobContax Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical division is staffed by experienced consultants with a network of contacts and candidates in the Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Sectors. These consultants have relevant Biotechnology /Pharmaceutical industry experience which gives them a valuable insight into both your and the client’s needs.

One of our key strengths is our commitment to building long-term relationships with our candidates. We help them not just to find their current job, but develop relationships which last throughout their career

Our international network of offices and alliances enables us to match skilled staff for project sites and companies across 5 continents. We also supply staff at every stage of the project life cycle, from feasibility studies and detailed design through to construction and ongoing operations.


One thought on “Biotech and Pharma Jobs in Ireland

  1. Hello, I have more than eight years experience in Saffron pharmaceutical pvt Ltd as a field manager.I want to offer my services in ireland because the circumstances in pakistan are not favourable.I am married and have three kids .my wife has 6 years experience in teaching field I want secure future of my kids.I will leave no stone unturned to serve your deprtment .

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