Chemical Engineer Jobs

Chemical Engineer Jobs


Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineer is involved in the design, development, construction and operation of industrial processes for the production of a diverse range of products, as well as in commodity and specialty chemicals. Relevant industries include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, water treatment, food and drink, plastics and toiletries. Modern chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques, such as nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering.

The role may focus on one or more of the following: researching new products from trial through to commercialisation; managing scale-up processes from plant to full industrial-scale manufacturing; improving product lines; modifying the processing plant that produces the products; and designing and commissioning new plants.

Chemical Engineer Recruitment Agency – JobContax Chemical Engineer Jobs

JobContax specialises in the Global Recruitment of Chemical Engineers. JobContax has over 10 years experience in the Chemical Engineering Sector and has a worldwide network of contacts within the industry. JobContax has long standing partnerships with some of the world’s largest ECPM Contractors.

JobContax understand the trade offs between career progression and relocation

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Chemical Engineer Industries

chemical engineers

Chemical Engineer Job Activities

Typical activities are extremely diverse, depending on the role and the sector in which you work, but may include:

  • working closely with process chemists and control engineers to ensure the process plant is set up to provide maximum output levels and efficient running of the production facility;
  • designing plant and equipment configuration so that they can be readily adapted to suit the product range and the process technologies involved, taking environmental and economic aspects into account;
  • instituting scale-up and scale-down processes including appropriate changes to equipment design and configuration;
  • assessing options for plant expansion or reconfiguration by developing and testing process simulation models;
  • designing, installing and commissioning new production plants, including monitoring developments and troubleshooting;
  • optimising production by analysing processes and compiling de-bottleneck studies;
  • applying new technologies;
  • ensuring that potential safety issues related to the project operator, the environment, the process and the product are considered at all stages.

Chemical Engineer Job Overview

Historically, the chemical engineer has been primarily concerned with process engineering. The modern discipline of chemical engineering, however, encompasses much more than just process engineering. Chemical engineers are now engaged in the development and production of a diverse range of products, as well as in commodity and specialty chemicals. These products include high performance materials needed for aerospace, automotive, biomedical, electronic,environmental and military applications. Examples include ultra-strong fibers, fabrics, adhesives and composites for vehicles, bio-compatible materials for implants and prosthetics, gels for medical applications, pharmaceuticals, and films with special dielectric, optical or spectroscopic properties for opto-electronic devices. Additionally, chemical engineering is often intertwined with biology and biomedical engineering. Many chemical engineers work on biological projects such as understanding biopolymers (proteins) and mapping the human genome.


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