Current Jobs

JobContax Technical Recruitment Agency was founded in 2001. With offices in Dublin, Galway and Shanghai along with strategic partners in Australia, JobContax has developed a global talent network, during the past 10 years.

JobContax is a market leader and technical specialist within the Construction and Infrastructure, Engineering and Design, Mining – Oil & Gas, Biotechnology – Pharmaceutical sectors.


4 thoughts on “Current Jobs

  1. Hi i herd john hollands are looking for formwork carpenters for the gorgan project is that correct an when would the job maybee start..i can send my resume an tickets if u think its worth while..thanx

  2. hi im ernesto romo…. Im a pipefitter.. Willing to work in australia, ( gorgon lng project,) Do you have any agency in the philippines from where filipino skilled workers like me would be enterviewed?

  3. Hi!im edwin resurreccion,pipefitter,im willing to work in gorgon LNG,how can i apply,as of now i worked here in qatar in ras gas,as maintenance,under flour comp,can you give me a details how can i apply the position.tnx,

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