Gorgon Project

Gorgon Project Numbers

Industry: Oil & Gas (LNG)    Project value: $43 Billion   Project owner: Chevron

Location: Barrow Island, Western Australia     Construction Period: 2011 until 2015

Predicted employment numbers: 10,000 Jobs at peak construction

Project Status Ongoing continued work on the construction phase both Upstream & Down Stream to ensure first gas 2015

Gorgon Project Information

The Gorgon Project is Australia’s largest single natural gas project. This project plans to develop the Greater Gorgon gas fields, located approximately 130km off North West WA. The Greater Gorgon gas fields contain resources of about 40 trillion cubic feet of gas, Australia’s largest known gas resource with an estimated development life of 60 years.

Gorgon will create a vast number of direct and indirect jobs approximately 10,000 throughout Western Australia from Freemantle to Barrow Island. The project has already committed more than $10 billion to Australian industry and is expected to spend a further $20 billion on Australian good and services over the next 4 to 5 years all this helping to boost the local economy.

Western Australia will need 40,000 more workers over the next two years to cope with demand from major resource industry projects, including the Gorgon, Browse, Wheatstone and Gladstone Projects.

Gas will be processed at a state of the art onshore facility located on Barrow Island 56km off the north west coast of WA. The gas plant on the island will include 3 LNG Trains capable of producing 15 million tonnes per annum. A purpose built LNG loading jetty will also be constructed and see approximately three LNG shipments leave the island each week.

This project had to go through a rigorous environmental assessment before receiving final development approval, with unique fauna on Barrow Island and nearby coral to be protected under certain provisions.

The joint venture partners on the project will also spend in excess of $2 billion on reducing carbon emissions from the gas operations, which will see carbon dioxide injected into a reservoir 2000 metres below Barrow Island. Supply deals worth billions have already been signed with companies in China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Australian 457 Visa

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