Mining Engineer Jobs

Mining Engineer Jobs

mining engineers

Mining Engineer

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining engineering also includes processing minerals for additional value.

Mineral extraction is essential to modern society. Mining activities by their nature cause a disturbance of the environment in and around which the minerals are located. Mining engineers must therefore be concerned not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities, but also with the mitigation of damage to the environment as a result of that production and processing.

A mining engineer ensures the safe and economically sound development of mines and other surface and underground operations. The role combines an understanding of the effects of these structures on their surrounding environment, technical knowledge and management skills. Before a new site is developed, mining engineers assess its viability and assist with planning the mine’s structure. They also manage and oversee mining production processes. Due to the nature of the mining industry, mining engineering is an international career and the majority of opportunities are overseas.

Mining Engineer Recruitment Agency – JobContax Current Mining Engineer Jobs

JobContax specialises in the Global Recruitment of Mining Engineers. JobContax has over 10 years experience in the Mining Engineering Sector and has a worldwide network of contacts within the industry. JobContax has long standing partnerships with some of the world’s largest  Contractors and has been a recruitment partner on some of the world’s largest Mining Projects.

JobContax understand the trade offs between career progression and relocation

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Mining Engineer Career Paths

mining engineer jobs

Mining Engineer Job Description

Work activities vary according to the nature of the mine or site, but tasks typically involve:

  • liaising with engineers, geologists and other staff;
  • overseeing staff activities, either in one site section or throughout an entire mine;
  • ensuring that operations are functioning smoothly;
  • ensuring the safety of mining equipment;
  • monitoring activities underground;
  • assessing mine equipment supplies;
  • managing monthly budgets;
  • keeping detailed records;
  • learning new skills as required, such as drilling and blasting;
  • overseeing the health and safety of the site, particularly in relation to issues such as ventilation;
  • costing and scheduling supplies;
  • assessing new mining sites;
  • establishing extraction systems;
  • planning for transition from surface to underground mining operations.

Additional activities may include:

  • assessing the viability of new mining ventures;
  • undertaking feasibility studies;
  • modelling/designing potential mine sites;
  • providing consultancy and advice on mining and mineral extraction projects;
  • overseeing major construction projects;
  • filling in disused mine shafts;
  • reclaiming mine sites;
  • working with specialist PC software to support planning programmes.

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