Refer a Friend and Earn €500

500 euro note

500 euro note

JobContax Refer a Friend Details

JobContax Recruitment agency will pay up to €500 per successful candidate referral.

Term and Conditions:

  1. The candidate is placed within a permanent position by JobContax within 3 months of your referral.
  2. The candidate must not be already registered with JobContax
  3. JobContax must not have already received details of the candidate or been recommended to us by someone else, prior to your referral.
  4. Subject to all of the above you will receive your referral fee no sooner than one week of the position start date.
  5. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make and no limit to the amount you can earn!

We recommend that you ask your friend’s permission before providing their contact details to JobContax.


E-mail with the subject line; Refer a Friend

Include the following:

Your Name                              Your  E-Mail Address

You Friend’s Name              Your Friend’s E-Mail Address

Ideas on how to spend €500

  • Buy 500 scratch cards
  • Party like it was 1999
  • Go to a Casino and bet €500 on Red
  • Pay household bills ?!?*?


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