Relocation to Australia

JobContax Relocation to Australia Process

JobContax has worked in the Australian Market since 2005

JobContax and our Australian partners have recruited and relocated skilled professionals to Australia since 2005 . JobContax has built a reputation as a professional organisation that manages and supports its candidates during the relocation process to Australia. We cut through the bureaucracy of  gaining a work visa for Australia and ensure that all you have to do is fill out a simple form and we do the rest.

What is included in Relocation Packages?

JobContax is highly proficient at assisting candidates through all stages of relocation process from job interview and visa applications to the physical relocation to Australia. Our Australian partners pay all relocation costs including: flights, shipment of belongings, initial accomodation for 6 weeks,  company phone.   They also set you up with Australian bank accounts and  support families in finding good schools for their children.

Australia – The Land of Opportunity

Moving to Australia is a great opportunity for families and single people who wish to progress their career and return home at a future date or start a new life in Australia. Australia is currently experiencing an economic boom built on strong fundamentals – with the export of natural resources as opposed to the credit fuelled bubble which burst in Ireland.

Staying in touch with home

With modern technology such as Skype, keeping in touch with family back home has never been easier.

Below are links to more detailed information on Australia and Australian Schools and Banking.


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